BROWN DOG CARRIERS is ready to handle your shipments. 

We specialize in flatbed and step-deck shipments.  All of the loads that we handle are made possible by our team of logistical experts.  They guide these shipments and also help with any specialized challenges that might come up such as routing, permits, coordinating pilot cars or police escorts.  Our logistical team prides themselves on timely deliveries, no matter the weight or size.

At Brown Dog Carriers, whether you are shipping lumber, equipment, machinery, or general freight, we are your go-to company. We also offer “Power Only” service. If you’re a company with your own trailers and need a hand moving shipments, Brown Dog Carriers would be honored to help you succeed in moving your freight. Brown Dog Carriers guarantees safe and timely deliveries.

BROWN DOG offers transportation services in all the lower 48 states.

We run well-maintained equipment. This leaves a lasting impression with our shippers and consignees because when they see one of our trucks pull into their facility, they see safety and quality on wheels.

At BROWN DOG we will provide you with a fast transport quote within hours, if not minutes.  No matter what you need moved, please call BROWN DOG for a quick freight quote.  If you're looking for a safe and reliable carrier to handle all of your freight needs, please call (207)-294-2075 for your quote now!