Lily Rae Morin, born and raised in Maine.  Lily’s birth name was Olivia, only to be changed when she went home with her mom, Christine, in the spring of 2009. They took morning walks together before Christine headed to school, and Lily relaxed at home for the day.  Christine is an avid runner, and Lily soon became one as well.  If you saw Christine running road races, Lily was running right next to her.  Each race they ran together, Lily always finished first!

In the winter of 2011, Lily met her dad, Graig.  The connection was instant.  Lily loved to curl herself up to him as they were sleeping or relaxing on the couch.  Lily loved greeting him with a “friend” (stuffed animal) in her mouth when he came home from work.  It was as though she had known him all of her life.

One fall morning, Graig brought Lily with him to work.  She was quite curious about the new adventure with daddy and his work truck.  From that day forward, Lily looked forward to each morning, knowing that when daddy’s alarm went off, she was traveling somewhere new with him. 

Lily made many friends along her travels, both four legged and two.  She brought a smile to every customer she met.  If she wasn’t smiling from the window of Graig’s truck, she was out wagging her tail at them and giving them kisses.   She even had customers who brought her treats for when she visited them. 

Lily loves following her three younger brothers around the back yard and playing catch.