Dispatch and Office Administration


This position provides Dispatch and Invoicing and other office administration functions.  The Dispatch function takes orders from customers, enters them into the system and assigns trucks and drivers to each order.  The invoices are prepared from completed dispatches.  In addition, this position is responsible for keeping all paperwork organized and entered into the system and covering for various office functions as needed.  This is currently a part-time position.


24 Hour week as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday 4 hours daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

  • Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – 8 hours with a one hour lunch break.

Primary Job Duties


  • Review e-mail and other records to determine all new incoming orders.

  • Enter the orders into the computer system.

  • Review the ELD system and track and monitor driver and truck availability.

  • Inform President of any possible work hour violations or other problems with ongoing dispatches and future orders.

  • Assign a driver and truck to each order according to parameters set by President.  Review with the President as needed to ensure timely dispatches within FMCS regulations and customer needs.

  • Keep in contact with customer dispatchers to ensure problems are resolved and all new orders are received. 

  • Work with Ryder to ensure the trucks needed are available and in good operating order.

  • Inform the drivers of their up-coming loads scheduled and ensure that all necessary paperwork is available.

  • Ensure that the drivers can access their loads through the system driver application (Tailwind POD) in a timely manner.


  • Receive paperwork from drivers upon completion of runs both in the system and as paper.

  • Ensure all dispatches are complete and required Proof of Delivery is attached to each order correctly.

  • Enter any details such as paid miles, detentions, and other fees to each dispatch to produce the invoice.

  • Batch and report on the invoices to the President for verification in a timely manner.

  • Upon approval, send the invoices for payment.  For factored invoices, enter the information into the factoring company’s system.


  • Ensure that all items to be paid to a driver associated with a dispatch have been entered prior to Tuesday morning each week.

  • Cover for the payroll function on occasion.

  • Duties as assigned by the President to ensure all customer needs are met and all loads are properly dispatched and invoiced.

  • Answer the phone and e-mail and perform other office functions as needed.


  • This position requires the employee to be able to read and write information specific to the job.  Reading handwritten and customer produced documents will require an understanding of the type of tasks associated with transportation work orders and specific industry standard language. Knowledge of numbers, numerical order to at least 2 decimal points and basic mathematics are required. 

  • This position requires extensive data entry and the ability to learn and use different transportation specific order and invoicing systems.  A solid knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including e-mail, Excel, Word and Power Point is required.  Systems specific to the company can be learned on the job by an employee with good computer skills and familiarity.

  • A thorough understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations, especially regarding hours of service for drivers and safe operating standards for trucks is required and can be learned on the job.  The ability to understand the information provided by Electronic Log Devices computer system and to read and interpret GPS generated maps is essential.

Submit resume by email to Carolyn Hughes - chughes@browndogcarriers.com